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65 Cc Bent Axis Piston Pump

65 Cc Bent Axis Piston Pump

65 Cc Bent Axis Piston Pump

Hydrotime Code

16220650366 Sağ CW

16220650399 Sol CCW

Technicial Specifications

Pump Code Clockwise CW
Counter Clockwise CCW
Pump Type 65 Lt 65 Lt
A (mm) 115 115
B (mm) 152 152
C (mm) 253 253
D (mm) 118 118
E (mm) 164 164
F (mm) 108 108
G (mm) 100 100
K (Oil Inlet) R 1 1/4" R 1 1/4"
L (Oil Inlet) R 3/4" R 3/4"
Fluid Mineral Based Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic axial piston pumps have a wide range of applications and are used in various industries. They are particularly preferred in industries such as petroleum, chemicals, energy, marine, food and beverage, water treatment, mining, pharmaceuticals, and automotive.

Piston pumps are used for the transportation and pressurization of high-pressure and high-volume fluids. They are also preferred in many industrial processes due to their precise control and high efficiency.

Piston pumps have a durable and reliable structure. Various designs and capacity options are available, allowing them to adapt to different application requirements.

Our company manufactures 65 cc bent axis piston pump with a reliable and durable structure, ensuring a long service life. We always strive to maintain competitive prices and high-quality production. While providing solutions tailored to our customers' needs, we also aim for 100% customer satisfaction. To obtain more information about the prices of 65 cc bent axis piston pump  and detailed product information, please feel free to contact our company.

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