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3B Directional Control Valve

3B Directional Control Valve

3B Directional Control Valve

Hydrotime Code


Technicial Specifications

Valf Type 3B
Debi Efficiencly 140
Work Pressure 180
Max Pressure 230
Weight Kg. 4

Hydraulic valves are mechanical devices used to perform functions such as flow control, pressure regulation, and direction control in hydraulic systems. These valves ensure the proper direction and control of hydraulic fluid, enabling systems to operate efficiently and safely.

Hydraulic valves are widely used in various industrial sectors. They are used as integral components of hydraulic systems in industries such as automotive, aviation, marine, agriculture, construction, energy, mining, and machinery manufacturing.

Hydraulic valves are of critical importance for the safety, performance, and efficiency of systems. Selecting the correct valve allows the hydraulic system to function properly and achieve the desired results.

Our company manufactures long-lasting and high-quality hydraulic valves. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range of valve options. Our production adheres to global standards, providing our customers with solutions tailored to their needs. For more information on prices of directional control valves, please contact our company.

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