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Mercedes G155 Actros Long (272 Mm)

Mercedes G155 Actros Long (272 Mm)

Mercedes G155 Actros Long (272 Mm)

Hydrotime Code


Some Tools Used

16.281-19.280-19.422-25.272-26-231-32.281- 32.365-33.381-19.422-(SİLENT) MAN 19.35- 22.28-24.33-2624-2628-2633-3828-4028- MERCEDES 33.300 95.330

Technicial Specifications

Length 278 mm
Weight 2 kg

A cardan shafts, commonly known as a drive shaft, is a mechanical component used to transmit power and rotational motion in vehicles. It consists of two interconnected shaft bars located at each end. Cardan shafts are primarily used to transfer power from the vehicle's transmission to the differential or wheel axle.

cCindustry, particularly in vehicle transmission systems. They are also used in other sectors such as agriculture machinery, construction machinery, and industrial machinery. In these machines, cardan shafts are used not only to transmit power but also to transmit rotational motion accurately and efficiently.

The rotational motion generated by the engine is transmitted to the wheels through the cardan shaft, enabling the vehicle to move and maintain traction.

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