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Aluminum Side Mount Oil Tank

Aluminum Side Mount Oil Tank

Aluminum Side Mount Oil Tank

Technicial Specifications

Kodu Ölçü / Feature
616040500402 40x50x40-65 LT
616040050504 40x50x50-80 LT
61604051006 40x50x60-100 LT
61618120409 56x64x40-120 LT
61608120514 56x64x50-160 LT
61608121018 56x64x60-190 LT
61611140413 62x67x40-150 LT
61611140517 62x67x50-180 LT
61611141022 62x67x60-220 LT
61617170416 71x71x40-170 LT
61617170523 71x71x50-225 LT
61617171027 71x71x60-270 LT
61713031309 65x32x65-120 LT
61713032516 65x32x90-170 LT
61713033120 65x32x110-205 LT
61713033425 65x32x125-235 LT
61704052008 40x50x-79-115 LT
61704052410 40x50x89-130 LT
61704052813 40x50x98-150 LT
61704053116 40x50x110-170 LT
61704053424 40x50x125-230 LT

Oil tanks are specialized containers used for the storage and distribution of oil in industrial sectors. These tanks are designed to ensure the safe storage, transportation, and use of oils.

Oil tanks are commonly used in various sectors such as automotive, machinery manufacturing, energy, agriculture, construction, and maritime. In the automotive industry, they are used to store various oils like engine oil, hydraulic oil, and transmission oil. In industrial sectors, they are used for the storage and distribution of oils used in lubrication systems of machinery.

Our company specializes in manufacturing reliable and high-quality oil tanks, offering solutions that meet our customers' needs. With a mission focused on 100% customer satisfaction, we provide services by adhering to global standards in our production. For information on hydraulic oil tank prices or to learn more, please contact our company.

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