Hydrotime Hydraulic - Hydraulic Pump, Gear Pump, Piston Pump, PTO, Power Take Off

2 Way Switch

2 Way Switch

2 Way Switch

Hydrotime Code


Technicial Specifications

Air Inlet G 1/8"
Air Outlet G 1/8"
Max. Pressure 10 Bar
Permissible Temperature -40, +80 °C
Permissible Medium Air
Connection Type Optinal
Weight 0.178 kg

Pneumatic valves are types of valves used to control and regulate processes using compressed air or gas. They play an important role in pneumatic systems for controlling and directing the flow of compressed air or gas. Pneumatic valves are used as part of automated control systems, providing the ability to open, close, or direct the flow of compressed air or gas.

Pneumatic valves are widely used in many industrial sectors. They are necessary in places where pneumatic systems are used, such as automotive, energy, chemical, food and beverage, textile, packaging, printing, and medical device industries.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of long-lasting and high-quality pneumatic valves, always prioritizing affordability and quality. We adhere to international standards in production and strive to prioritize customer satisfaction. With a wide range of products, our company offers pneumatic valves in different types and sizes. For information on pneumatic valve prices and solutions tailored to your specific needs or to obtain further information, please contact our company.

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