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17 Lt Gear Pump

17 Lt Gear Pump

17 Lt Gear Pump

Hydrotime Code

16300170166 CW Sağ
16300170199 CCW Sol
16300170169 CW CCW Çift Yön

16300170366 CW Sağ
16300170399 CCW Sol
16300170369 CW CCW Çift Yön

Technicial Specifications

30.17 UNI-T1 T2 ISO
Pump Code 16300170166/99 16300170169 16300170366/99
A (mm) 151.5 151.5 163.5
B (mm) 102 102 114
Weight (kg) 8.5 9 10.5
C (Oil Inlet) R 1/2"
D (Oil Outlet) R 1/2"
D (Oil Outlet)
Fluit Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids to ISO/DIN and fire resistant fluids

Gear pumps are commonly used in industrial sectors, especially in industries such as automotive, mining, petrochemical, marine, agriculture, construction, and energy. They can also be mounted on vehicles and machinery.

Hydraulic gear pumps are effective in the high-pressure and high-volume transportation of liquids or gases. Gear pumps are typically used for the transfer of oil, fuel, chemicals, water, and other fluids. They are also widely used for power transmission and control in hydraulic systems.

Gear pumps operate reliably and durably, providing a long service life. Their availability in different sizes and capacities allows them to offer solutions that meet different application needs.

Our company manufactures 17 liter hydraulic gear pumps with a strong and durable structure, ensuring a long service life. We always strive to maintain competitive prices and high-quality production. While providing solutions tailored to our customers' needs, we also aim for 100% customer satisfaction. To obtain more information about hydraulic gear pump prices and detailed product information, please feel free to contact our company.

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30x17 Pompa, 17 Litre Dişli Pompa - UNI T1 KODU 16300170166 CW Sağ - 16300170199 CCW Sol 16300170169 CW CCW 17 Litre Dişli Pompa Uni-T1 Sağ/CW Fiyatları Satılık, GEAR PUMP, 10500300406, FP-30-27, 035L-BI-3H, MSG30, 5048206, 31230221000, CD300510133